We are Alice Analytics

Engaging Your Digital Media

We improve your brand's engagement using our digital media strategies

Social / Digital Marketing

we can make people aware about your brand / product and engage to your campaign or event, with using social media or digital marketing strategy

Website & Application Development

We can create or develop your website or application to be better.

Data Analyst

we can analyze data about your audience from various aspects such as demographic, geographic, etc, so we can create the right strategy to your company

Media Placement

we can help your brand or product in a good ad placement in the electronic media, and do help in the process of drafting, graphic design and views scheduling.

Social Conditioning

We can carrying your Brand & Umbrella & make a positive opinion through out the forums with “Social Conditioning” strategy. In this strategy, there are 3 phases awareness, engagement, and conversation, and there is also Crisis Management if your brand has negative comment in digital forum or news.

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Alice's Team

Our team consist of passionate people with huge dream in digital world.

Ferry Chrisnandika

Managing Director

It guy with experience in digital and technologies which extend user experience.

Rilly Yuniarda

Digital Strategist Director

A girl whom very passionate about digital strategy and media. She used to work in several Digital Agencies with an outstanding track in Social Media.

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